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Sabtu, 26 November 2011

BMI Formula

The Body Mass Index is calculated by the following formula:

body weight in Kilogramm divided by body height in Meter to the second
BMI = x KG / (y M * y M)

  x=body weight in KG
  y=body height in M

Example for 175 cm size and 70 kg weight:
  BMI = 70 / (1,75 * 1,75) = 22,86

The resulting value is Kilogramm per Meter by the second or short KG/M2. In most cases this can be left. There is no really sense in this, because humans are no mathematical square. More about this also in BMI Criticism.

Tip for calculator:

If you try to use the formula in a hand calculator you get some problems. But with a little change it is be simple. So you can use:
  weight / size / size
Example for 70 kg weight and 1,75 m size:
  70 / 1,75 / 1,75 = 22,86

Step by step:
  1. weight in kg
  2. / (divided by)
  3. size in m
  4. / (divided by
  5. size in m
  6. =

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This is the official classification of the Body Mass Index from the WHO. Meaning BMI Normal weight 19–24,9 Over weight 25–29,9 Obesity I 30–34,9 Obesity II 35–39,9 Obesity III ≥ 40